About Sieva

What does Sieva mean?

The name Sieva means something that is exceptionally pretty. Prettier than prettiest, or nicer than nicest. It is a fitting word for Sami crafting, because it describes crafting with no mistakes. It is pure.

What services does Sieva offer?

Have you thought about getting Sami inspired clothing, but don’t know where to find it? We are here for you!

Sieva Designs main service is to make clothes inspired by Sami culture and traditions. Clothes that fit you perfectly. If you want a jacket or coat with Sami inspired details, some clothing that you want to use for a long time, Sieva Design can make that clothing based on your ideas and your shape.

Anyone can use Sami inspired clothing; Sami people, but also people that care for and like Sami culture, and want to wear Sami clothing. Sami people that want to show off their culture without having to wear the traditional gàkti. They can all order from Sieva design. When buying clothes from us, you honour and cherish Sami culture.


The process of making your wish


First meeting

Sieva Design and customer starting to share thoughts and ideas, and the first measurements begin.


Find the right idea

Make the clothing according to the costumers idea.


First fitting

Costumer tries on clothing to make it fit them better.


Second fitting

Changes are made if needed to fit the costumer perfectly.


Last fitting

Last changes and adjustments are made before finished product.


Finished product

The clothing is finished and customer can buy it knowing they are satisfied

Why do I offer handmade products?

Sieva Design offers these products because handicraft needs to be brought in to the world. Sami clothing and other products leave a footprint. They tell a story about the minorities called Sami, and how proud we are to be just that. The products are not fabricated, but hand made in Sàpmi, showing quality in every stiching. We think Sami products are to be seen, and spread worldwide.

Crafting is work of quality, and quality costs.

Sieva Design makes products which the costumer can be satisfied with. Handicraft takes time, and it is made carefully to make the products more solid, and it makes them last longer.

Sieva Designs basis is traditional crafting knowledge, and it follows the Sami reindeer hearders work year. That means: some seasons are for collecting and making crafting material, and at that time crafting is not possible.

Sieva designs work


Thon Hotell Kautokeino

Sara Ellen Anne won a uniform contest for Thon Hotel in Kautokeino, which was the beginning of her interest to design clothing.


Elle Márjá Eira

Elle Márjá Eira ordered a coat of goatfur which she uses in her preformances as an artist.


Launch of Sieva Design

Launches their own clothes collection during Sami language week in Alta.


Fred Renè Buljo - KEiiNO

Fred Renè Buljo participated in dancing with the stars(Norwegian edition) and ordered a Sami style leather jacket . Which has been on stage many times since, preforming with his group KEiiNO.



Sieva Design made Sami inspired jackets for electro pop group Tøndra.


Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen - Isák

Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen appreared at Gullruten, a Norwegian award show, in a dress designed by Sieva design.